Uribe constitutes the worst collateral damage of drug trafficking caused to the United States.

10 Enero, 2021


Álvaro Uribe was wrong from beginning to end. Alongside his puppet, Iván Duque, Uribe publicly took sides between Trump and Biden without considering the consequences in regards to this matter: when elephants fight, the one that suffers most, is the grass. Now, he is going to suffer repercussions for the terrorism that he, personally and purposefully exerted on the United States, with the aim of causing fright and arousing hatred against the current President-elect of the United States of America; in which whom he incriminated as a communist, an enemy of that country, and an agent of what he in Titiribí, Sabaneta, Sinaloa, La Picota, Buenaventura, Valledupar and Envigado, calls “Castro-Chavismo”.

Indignantly, Joe Biden gave the first corresponding news: "Whoever intervened in disinformation in the US elections, will face consequences."

Hours earlier, Democratic adviser Michele Manatt announced that the United States Congress will investigate the dirty war of disinformation (under the leadership of Uribe, born from the entrails of the veteran Medellín cocaine cartel) in which, politicians, public officials, and Colombian cyber-manure-traffickers took part in the debate with accusations against Biden and his running mate, contrary to truth and decency.

It will be difficult for Uribe to buy, kill, disappear, and terrorize witnesses in the United States in order to defend himself against what is coming. For now, in what looks like an ´El Gordo y el Flaco’ movie in fast motion and black and white Duque is nervous, calling Biden on the phone to congratulate him on having achieved the triumph they tried to harm by dishonouring him; using the resources and the name of Colombia. By the end of this column, Duque had dialled Biden's phone five times; Biden refused to answer each time.

Luckily for Uribe, the hate crimes he committed against the new president were fewer than those he wanted to commit, thanks to the fact that, for other crimes and reasons the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia put him in prison during a good part of the North American electoral campaign.

The Colombian ambassador in Washington, Francisco ‘Pachito’ Santos (a kind of comedian from the deplorable old Mexican comedy "Viruta and Capulina"), used his diplomatic position to shamelessly run a campaign in the United States with one of the Díaz-Balart (Trump supporters), who are to the state of Florida what the Char family is to the city of Barranquilla, Colombia. Pachito even met with Trump to put Colombian crime at the service of his campaign.

“What we do know is that on July 20th [2020], Mr. Ambassador Francisco Santos was in one of those Colombia Habla meetings with compatriots residing in Florida, called by the promoter of Trump’s campaign in that state and leader of 'Latinos for Trump, Mr. Fabio Andrade. A meeting in which the Republican leader of President Trump's campaign, former Congressman Lincoln Díaz-Balart, was also present. At that event, Ambassador Santos thanked the Republican leaders for their support, both from their public and private capabilities,” denounced Colombian Senator Iván Cepeda.

It turned out that because of these kinds of events, Trump suddenly began to use the term “Castro-Chavismo”. Here's proof:


Uribe's senator and clerk, María Fernanda Cabal, complied with the order to intervene in the American electoral campaign to accuse the now-elected Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris (the first woman to reach that position) of being an anarchist financier. Here it is:


María Elvira Salazar, for her part, is a retired Cuban-American journalist known in Florida because of her history of being fired from many local Latino television stations.  Like others, her income always depended on launching fire against the tyrannies (undoubtedly drug traffickers, in my opinion) of Cuba and Venezuela. From Monday to Friday it was common, in any of these stations, to hear her shrill voice screaming against all those whom she, rightly or wrongfully, considered communists. In the development of these functions, she became a lover of the now prisoner Vladimiro Montesinos, head of the dirty war lead by the Peruvian dictator, Alberto Fujimori.

Montesinos was also wanted by the Peruvian Laura Bozo, popular for the tv shows she hosts; in which she airs the low passions and human miseries embodied in her guests from the suburbs: bloody outbursts between transvestites, street robbers who raped their daughters, public transport drivers who make bed threesomes with animals and people of the same sex ...

María Elvira Salazar and Laura Bozo, both from Telemundo at that time, got involved in a brawl of the underworld, motivated by $100,000 dollars: Maria Elvira blackmailed Laura, according to a recording that was made public.

María Elvira Salazar says to the other: "You give it to me [the money for Montesinos] or I'll give you a bill, or the lawyer goes to Miami ...".

Laura Bozo, responds to Salazar:

“What a disappointment; every day you disappoint me more. I thought I had helped someone, but now I see that this is a mafia”. She insists on saying: "I have nothing to give him." The story is told here by the Ecuadorian newspaper El Universo.

With her background, María Elvira Salazar launched herself into politics and in the last elections in Florida she won a seat in the House of Representatives for the Republican party. One of her main promoters was a senator in Colombia and head of the current president, Iván Duque: Álvaro Uribe Vélez, as this video shows:


Once she won the seat, Montesinos's fierce ex-lover thanked Uribe for his fundamental patronage: “It was decisive. In South Florida, the Colombian is an Uribista and I am an Uribista too. I did not have the privilege of being born in Colombia but I love them as if they were my family. A huge thank you to President Uribe,” she said. (SEE HERE).

In September 2020, when political forecasting began to predict that Trump would leave the White House, Uribe's envoy, Fabio Andrade, perched on the Republican platform with the intention of offering the best weapons and poisons of the dirty war against the ghost of the "Castro-Chavismo". Since then, the defeated president and candidate began to pronounce that term with difficulty, a term which he believed was magical for his reelection, ultimately frustrated. I recommend this video.


Another operative from Álvaro Uribe's dirty war, Colombian senator Santiago Valencia, announced publicly during the American campaign that he had produced defamatory “clips” against Biden's campaign, which were used to denigrate him. See this video:


The headquarters of Uribe's dirty war against Biden was located in the Colombian restaurant Mondongo’s.  It is located in Doral and specializes in typical food from the department of Antioquia. Mondongo (Tripe) is the intestine of the beef belly.

It is singular that the presidential elections of the United States were not in danger this time because of the complex cyber and espionage maneuvers of Russia, but because of the flattery and lies of a rude third world butler who was once promoted by the drug trafficker, Pablo Escobar. Just as he is now promoting María Elvira Salazar.

Uribe is the worst collateral damage of drug trafficking caused to the United States.

The aforementioned Biden announcement awakens hope for democracy and means a respite for Colombia: "Whoever intervened in disinformation in the US elections will face consequences."