Attorney General of Colombia's Office covers up a friend of Iván Duque in the case of the sale of US information to drug traffickers through the confessed criminal and former Prosecutor Catalina Noguera

17 Marzo, 2023
  • In an organizational chart of the Attorney General of Colombia’s Office, the lawyer Diego Patiño, a close friend of Iván Duque and a link between the former prosecutor Catalina Noguera and the drug trafficker alias “El Médico”, should appear. However, by order of the General Attorney Francisco Barbosa, the liberal congressman Diego Patiño Amariles was appointed instead.


 An organization chart designed by the office of the Attorney General of the Nation, Francisco Barbosa, to expose the links of the former Asset Forfeiture prosecutor Ana Catalina Noguera with drug trafficking, excluded the lawyer Diego Patiño, a close friend of former President Iván Duque. In exchange for Patiño, the representative to the Chamber, Diego Patiño Amariles, of the Liberal Party, was appointed. Patiño Amariles has protested in private but not in public. 

Francisco Barbosa was a classmate of Iván Duque at the Sergio Arboleda University and also nominated him before the Supreme Court for the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation. In the same way, he was a senior official of Ivan Duque in his presidency. 

Lawyer Diego Patiño (not the congressman) was the link between Catalina Noguera and drug trafficker Carlos Ramón Zapata, alias "El Médico." The relationship between her and Zapata became a courtship. 

Lawyer Diego Patiño is married to former beauty queen Paula Morales, also a friend of Iván Duque.

In the place corresponding to the lawyer Diego Patiño, the General Attorney of Colombia Francisco Barbosa arbitrarily placed a photo of the liberal congressman Diego Patiño Amariles.


Catalina Noguera, who has traveled to the United States with the lawyer Diego Patiño, facilitated meetings with drug traffickers persecuted by the United States justice system and in one of them (in a farm belonging to drug trafficker Gabriel Puerta Parra) she took Prosecutor Daniel Hernández Martínez, who he sold several extraditable drugs traffickers evidence and information that the United States justice system has against them. 

Catalina Noguera recently acknowledged her guilt on several charges of corruption before a judge who ordered her to remain confined in a women's prison in Valle del Cauca, a department of Colombia, despite which the General Attorney Barbosa, without having the power, made her move to her home, located in the street 134 with 19, in Bogota. 

The accusations against Catalina Noguera were made by the Attorney General's Office at the request of the United States, a country that could soon request her extradition. She is the daughter of the controversial rector of the Sergio Arboleda university, where Duque and Barbosa studied Law at the same time. 

The confessed criminal Noguera was indicted by the delegated prosecutor before the Bogotá Court Mario Andrés Burgos Patiño, who circulated the false organization chart to protect the lawyer Diego Patiño, which was illegally replaced with a photograph of congressman Patiño Amariles. 

Burgos and Barbosa have not explained the reasons why they cover up for the lawyer Patiño.

Prosecutor Andrés Burgos Patiño, Catalina Noguera, convicted former prosecutor; Prosecutor Daniel Hernández, accused of corruption, and Carlos Ramón Zapata, alias “El Médico.


The delivery of reserved information to drug traffickers by Daniel Hernández was revealed, with evidence and under oath, by alias "El Médico". Even so, the Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa, issued an official statement through which he maintained that Hernández had nothing to do with it despite having proven his participation. 

The media protection that Barbosa has given to Hernández, according to sources from the Attorney General's Office, is apparently due to the fact that Hernández has threatened him with making public recordings with which he would demonstrate that the "Ñeñe-política" case was arbitrarily archived by order of Barbosa. This case refers to the investigation published by La Nueva Prensa, which showed how the drug trafficker José Guillermo Hernández Aponte, alias "Ñeñe", bought votes in seven departments in the north of the country to consolidate the victory of Iván Duque, in 2018. The exhaustive investigation of this medium can be consulted here. 

Other recordings would show that Barbosa gave instructions to twist the case of Fernando Sanclemente, Duque's ambassador in Uruguay who owned a huge cocaine laboratory, near La Calera (west of Bogotá), which was dismantled at the request of the United States justice system. 

Also at the request of the United States, Daniel Hernández is accused of various crimes of corruption and still continues to serve as a delegate before the Superior Court of Bogotá. 

In addition, prosecutor Fernando Barberi was arbitrarily included in the aforementioned organization chart, who, for his part, has shown that he has not the slightest relationship with the case of the sale of information to organized crime. 

Once Barberi protested the way his name was used, the deputy prosecutor, Martha Mancera, ordered him transferred to Guaviare, a jungle and remote municipality in Colombia. 

"El Médico" has also revealed links between the Deputy Attorney General, Martha Mancera, with drug cartels in the North of Valle del Cauca department. 

The aforementioned prosecutor before the Bogota Court, Mario Andrés Burgos Patiño, is the same one who granted benefits to the hairdresser Johnier Leal, known for murdering his mother and brother, a celebrity stylist. 

The lawyer Diego Patiño also maintains a close relationship with the rector Rodrigo Noguera.